Village History

Agios Georgios Sikousis is located 11 Km Southwest of Hora (Chios town). Built on the top of a wooded hill 400 m. above the sea, it has a majestic view of Kambos, the Aegean sea and the Asia Minor coast.

The community of founded 1518 by the monk Sofronios Sepsis who organized the first inhabitants around the abandoned monastery of St. George. Its church is believed to be a faithful replica of Nea Moni and though it has suffered many renovations, it still has the aura of the past..


1890 Demetrios Frazelas and Ioannis Zimnis.
1891 Demetrios Vekios and Ioannis Kakarides.
1892 Demetrios Monis and Georgios Papaemmanuel.
1893 Kostis Sakoulas and Sarantis Psyllos.
1894 Nikolaos Soukas and Panagiotis Patounas.
1895 Stamatis Patounas and Georgios Xenias.
1896 Hatzi Lambrinos Pouleres and Mihalis Kostaris.
1897 Ioannis Sahlanis and Kostis Kostaris.
1898 Panagiotis Patounas and Stavris Mamas.
1899 Panagiotis Patounas and Kostis Kourgelis.
1900 Ioannis Monis and Pantelis Patounas.
1901 Hatzi Nikolis Hahalis and Stamatis Mpagiasklis.
1902 Mihalis Dellas and Kostis Patounas.
1903 Konstantinos Prieus and Antonis Dellas.
1904 Diamantis Patounas and Panagiotis Dellas.
1905 – 1906 Stamatis Patounas and Sarantis Psyllos.
1906 – 1907 Georgios Kostaridis and Ioannis Barlis.
1907 – 1908 Georgios Vekios and Ioannis Torakis.